Although you may think you’re saving money by visiting Mill Creek Animal Hospital only when your pet is ill or injured, that is not the case in the long run. Similar to keeping your car in good running condition through regular oil changes and tire rotations, routine preventive care keeps your pet running like a well-oiled machine. Over time, the minimal cost of regular wellness care will be substantially less than hefty emergency bills because your pet has a preventable illness or disease. And, regular preventive care can save not only your wallet, but also your pet’s life. Find out how important routine wellness care is for your four-legged friend. 

#1: Regular wellness care establishes your pet’s normal baseline

When you visit your physician for a physical exam, they’ll likely run some blood and other tests, although you’re perfectly healthy. We do the same for your pet. By performing a regular wellness care at least each year, we establish your pet’s normal health baseline. Each visit, we check for abnormalities in their typical pattern that can be a subtle indicator of early disease we may miss if your pet only receives care only when they are ill.

One of the easiest, yet most important, values to monitor in your pet is their weight. If your pet consistently eats the same amount of food, yet loses or gains weight, we know they have some underlying process, whether a metabolic disease, endocrine disorder, or cancer. By monitoring your pet’s normal values, we can quickly detect the slightest change that may indicate a hidden issue.

#2: Routine wellness care catches health issues in your pet before they become major concerns

Routine screening tests often catch lurking health issues that may not yet cause clear clinical signs. Although your pet may appear perfectly healthy, they may be entering the beginning stages of liver or kidney disease, or developing a heart murmur. Without regular testing, organ dysfunction and other diseases can advance to severe stages before they’re noticed. At that point, they are much more difficult and costly to manage or treat, and will likely negatively affect your pet’s quality of life.

#3: Regular wellness care prevents disease in your pet

In addition to disease detection, prevention is one of the most important aspects of regular wellness care. During your pet’s wellness visit, we will discuss their lifestyle and exposure risk to infectious diseases, and create a vaccination protocol tailored to their needs. By vaccinating your pet for diseases they are exposed to, at the appropriate intervals, we can greatly minimize or eliminate their risk for life-threatening illness.

In addition to vaccinations, we also protect your pet from parasites that can transmit serious diseases by screening for intestinal and external parasites, and heartworms. We will provide the appropriate treatment if necessary, and prevention products that will protect your pet year-round.

#4: Regular health check-ups can spot illness in your pet that you may miss

Does your pet complain about anything other than an empty food dish or the squirrel that’s harassing them right outside the window? Most likely not. Pets are excellent at hiding pain and illness signs, despite their health issues becoming more advanced. With regular health check-ups, our team can carefully search your pet for any illness they may be hiding. With our years of education, training, and experience, we can quickly and easily spot abnormalities in your pet that you may not realize could indicate disease or illness, and then determine the best treatment.

#5: Routine wellness care keeps your pet and your family healthy

Routine wellness care not only keeps your pet healthy, but also helps keep your family healthy. Pets can contract many diseases and parasites that can be transmitted to people and cause serious health problems for your two-legged, as well as four-legged, family members. For example, you can contract leptospirosis, rabies, ringworm, intestinal parasites, and external parasites from your pet, which can all cause unpleasant, and sometimes deadly, conditions. Protecting your pet with regular preventive care also protects the rest of your family.

Is your furry pal due for their routine wellness visit? This vital part of their overall health care plan shouldn’t be skipped, so contact our Mill Creek Animal Hospital team for an appointment to ensure your pet stays happy and healthy.