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Overweight Pets—A Huge Issue

When your pet gains weight, they lose life. You cannot sugar coat pet obesity, a completely preventable medical condition that affects an alarming 59 percent of cats and 55 percent of dogs in the United States. Excess fat tissue, decreased exercise, and excessive caloric intake shorten pets’ lives every year, and lead to unnecessary pain [...]

♫ I Don’t Wanna Be All By My Pet Self♫

Separation anxiety can cause significant consequences for pets and their owners. The extreme stress can result in emotional trauma and physiologic issues for your pet, and their behavior can lead to serious home destruction. Our team at Mill Creek Animal Hospital would like to give you information on this distressing behavioral syndrome, to help you [...]

Do’s and Don’ts for a Stress-Free Veterinary Visit

A trip to the veterinarian can be a harrowing experience if your pet becomes upset. Stress can cause psychological trauma, as well as significant physiological changes, which can actually skew test results, and decrease your pet’s ability to fight off infections, and to heal appropriately. Our team at Mill Creek Animal Hospital would like to [...]

Is Your Senior Pet Experiencing Cognitive Dysfunction?

Advances in veterinary medicine, improved nutrition, and better home care have resulted in pets living longer. The only downside to this situation is that older pets are more vulnerable to diseases, because their organs gradually function less efficiently, and their immune system declines. Cognitive dysfunction syndrome (CDS) is one of the most troubling age-related disorders [...]

Microchip Your Pet to Help Bring Them Home Again

Every year, numerous pets become lost and, sadly, many never find their way home. Microchipping is an easy, effective, and safe way to help ensure your pet is returned to you should they go missing. Our team at Mill Creek Animal Hospital uses the HomeAgain microchip system, a company that reunites 14,000 pets with their [...]

Down the Hatch—Expert Tips for Medicating Your Pet

The love for our pets drives us to do the best for them. When we fall short, we sometimes think, “What if I look like a bad pet owner?” When your veterinarian tells you your pet requires prescription medication, open up. Tell them the challenges of medicating your pet. Many pet owners have the same [...]

Good Medicine—The Importance of Pet Vaccines

National Immunization Awareness Month does not sound like much to celebrate, especially if you have a fear of needles, but the science and practice of vaccination has revolutionized modern medicine for humans and pets alike. Because pet vaccines have been standardized, you may take your pet’s routine “shots” for granted. Mill Creek Animal Hospital explains [...]

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