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How Do I Know How Much to Feed My Pet?

Did you know that more than half the U.S pet population is overweight or obese? Cats are in worse shape, with 60% of the feline population classified as overweight but, unfortunately, dogs aren’t far behind, with 56% of canine companions considered overweight in the United States. How did so many of our pets become too [...]

Is Anesthesia-Free Dentistry Safe for My Pet?

When you stumble across an ad for an anesthesia-free dental cleaning for pets, you jump at the chance to have your furry pal’s teeth cleaned without anesthesia. As your pet ages, you worry more about putting them under anesthesia, especially for a procedure like a dental cleaning. In fact, you’re not sure why anesthesia is [...]

Should I Have My Cat Screened for “Kitty AIDS?”

As a cat owner, you have likely heard of “kitty AIDS,” or feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV). Like human AIDS, kitty AIDS attacks the immune system, leaving your cat more susceptible to contracting illnesses. By determining your cat’s FIV status, you can make appropriate lifestyle choices that will help keep your feline friend happy and healthy [...]

Can I Get Any Diseases from My Pet?

Your fluffy feline curls herself around your neck, you snuggle into her plush fur, and drift off to sleep. This has been your cat’s favorite sleeping spot since you brought her home as a tiny kitten, and you can’t imagine trying to fall asleep without her wrapped around you. However, the next morning, as you’re [...]

How Do I Become a Veterinarian?

As a young child, you may have dreamed of becoming an “animal doctor” someday. You may still hold that dream in your heart, in case you ever decide on a career change. However, becoming a veterinarian is not easy, and requires much more than a love for all creatures great and small. Before leaping into [...]

What Occurs During a Professional Veterinary Dental Cleaning?

Like people, pets require professional dental cleanings, because toothbrushing alone does not provide adequate dental care. However, cats and dogs don’t lean back and say, “Ahhh,” and allow our dental team to tackle tartar. Since pets do not understand the importance of dental care for their overall health and well-being, we use general anesthesia so [...]

At What Age Should My Pet be Spayed or Neutered?

While pet overpopulation is still an issue throughout much of the United States, the mindset has shifted more toward including cats and dogs as furry family members, rather than commodities. Along with this change of view has come a change in spaying and neutering recommendations. Pets once were sterilized as soon as possible, especially before [...]

Should I Declaw My Cat?

Feline declawing is one of the most controversial elective procedures veterinarians perform. Outlawed in many countries around the world, states across the U.S. are now also banning declawing. Cats occasionally need a claw or toe amputation because of trauma or a disease process, and declawing is preferable in these instances to provide pain relief, and [...]

What Can I Do at Home to Help My Pet’s Teeth Stay Healthy?

As your furry loved one leans in to sloppily kiss your face from chin to forehead, you recoil at the odor emanating from their mouth. No more kisses for this pup, until you get to the root of that stench. Although you may have believed doggy breath is naturally smelly, it can actually be a [...]

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