Tips on How to Be a Responsible Dog Owner in Shawnee, KS

Tips on How to Be a Responsible Dog Owner in Shawnee, KS

Tips on How to Be a Responsible Dog Owner

There’s no doubt that owning a dog can be one of the most fun and rewarding things you can do. However, as with any pet, there is a level of care, commitment, and responsibility that comes along with it. In order to ensure that you’re a responsible pet owner, you should take heed to follow a few suggestions. Doing so will ensure that you and your dog both live together in harmony for many years to come.

Do Your Homework

The decision to get a dog is a big one. You need to evaluate your lifestyle and whether or not it is cohesive with having a dog in it. For instance, you want to be sure that your living arrangement allows for pets and that as your life changes, your dog will still be able to be a part of it. If you have a family or other people living with you, make sure that they are on board with bringing a dog into their space.

Sometimes people get fixated on a particular breed for no other than they like the way it looks. However, you should consider the needs of a specific breed before selecting it. Consider the dog’s activity level, temperament, and potential health concerns to ensure that it is a good fit for you.

Understand the Financial Investment

Dogs cost money. The initial costs of dog typically include adoption fees, preventative treatments, shots, food, toys, and other supplies such as food dishes and a bed to sleep in. However, those purchases can pale in comparison to vegetarian fees over time. Even in the cases of healthy dogs, you’re looking at annual exams, periodic shots, and the occasional short-term illness. Be prepared for the financial investment of a dog to ensure that you have the means to provide for them over the course of their life.

Commit to Following Rules

There’s more to owning a dog rather than just loving and caring for it. You also have to be willing to follow local rules and laws about what it means to have a dog. Most city ordinances require that your dog is kept on a leash, have certain tags, and require that you pick up after your pet. You can’t allow your dog to be a bother to other people, and you should take care to properly train your animal to interact with people, other dogs, and animals.

Have a Plan in Place

When you have a dog, you have to plan for the unexpected. This means considering what you will do with your animal in the event of a financial change, growing family, or during an emergency. You’ll want to take care to create an evacuation plan in the event of a natural disaster and know precisely what you will do with your dog during that time. Taking some time to consider your plan will ensure that your dog is cared for, no matter what unexpected event happens.

Adopt Responsibly

You may be attracted to a particular breed of dog, but you should avoid purchasing a dog, there is a significant overpopulation of dogs and participating in buying them only adds to the problem. Instead, focus your efforts on adopting a dog from a shelter or pound. Not only will this save that particular dog’s life, but will help reduce the population issue one dog at a time.


Owning a dog is a privilege enjoyed by many people. However, with that privilege comes responsibility. Each person should make this decision with care and consideration to ensure that both the owner and dog are happy for many years to come.