What Infectious Diseases Can My Dog Get?

Since dogs explore their environment with their noses and mouths, they leave themselves wide open for infection from a variety of diseases. Their curiosity can lead to potentially life-threatening illness and infection, but through good hygiene, proper preparation, and vaccination, you can keep your furry pal healthy and happy. Learn how eight of the most [...]

What Does AAHA Accreditation Mean for My Pet?

The acronym AAHA may not mean much to you, but it means a great deal to your pet. AAHA stands for the American Animal Hospital Association, a leading veterinary organization that spearheads innovative guidelines for practicing patient and client care. AAHA also is the only organization that grants accreditation status to veterinary hospitals that hold [...]

How Is My Pet Kept Safe During Anesthesia and Surgery?

Many pet parents are scared or reluctant to have their furry friends undergo anesthesia for a medical or surgical  procedure. However, advances in modern veterinary medicine, combined with our highly trained Mill Creek Animal Hospital veterinary team, vastly decrease the risks during procedures requiring anesthesia. Anesthetic deaths are extremely rare in healthy pets, although pet [...]

Why Is My Pet’s Eye Cloudy?

Pets are amazing communicators, especially given that they cannot speak. We know exactly what they are thinking when they look at us with their wide, adoring eyes, or when those eyes are staring a hole through the cookie jar in anticipation of a treat. Seeing that your pet’s eyes are cloudy or hazy can be [...]

My Pet Has A Lump –– Could It Be Cancer?

Advances in veterinary medicine combined with regular veterinary wellness visits and preventive care have resulted in our furry friends living and thriving longer than ever. However, as pets age, signs of wear and tear become evident, and their bodies become more susceptible to disease. Nearly one in four dogs will be diagnosed with cancer in [...]

What Holiday Pet Hazards Should I Be Aware Of?

Although this year’s celebrations may look a little different, the festive meals and twinkling lights remain a comforting reminder of the season. However, the season’s joyous nature can turn dangerous for pets. Avoid doggy dilemmas, cat-astrophes, and added stress by pet- proofing your holiday celebrations. Also, keep important numbers and addresses, including Mill Creek Animal [...]

How Can I Ensure My Pet’s Safety During the Thanksgiving Holiday?

Thanksgiving is a busy time. There’s the turkey to defrost, the yams to candy, the tables to set, and the blessings to count, leaving little time for pet-related holiday emergencies. However, with the tasty aromas wafting from the kitchen, the gorgeous centerpieces gracing the table, and family and friends joining together, opportunities abound for your [...]

Does My Dog Have Separation Anxiety?

Anxiety plagues millions of Americans, and their dogs are following suit. While you will likely be anxious about a new job or a big move, your pet may be uneasy about a new canine friend or taking a car trip. However, dogs most commonly experience nervous feelings due to separation anxiety. An estimated 20% to [...]

Do Indoor Pets Really Need Vaccines?

Lily the Persian cat and Teddy the miniature poodle live together indoors, except when Teddy goes into their small backyard to do his business. They recently came to our hospital for their annual wellness exams, but refused any vaccinations until our Mill Creek Animal Hospital team explained why indoor pets needed vaccines, as well. Here [...]

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