COVID-19 Protocol

We are still open for vital preventative health care, as well as illness and injury visits.

Preparing For Your Visit

Patient First is one of our core values. To continue to provide our care services, only Patients will be allowed into our clinics.
Clients are asked to use our parking lots as our new waiting rooms. The only exception will be for family members and a pet euthanasia.

When the time comes to “say goodbye” to our beloved furry-family member, we will allow up to 4 family members I not the Private Grieving Room. A team member will sedate your pet.  Once sedated, Family members will be asked to remain distant a minimum of SIX feet from the veterinarian and veterinary nurse as they perform the humane euthanasia procedure.  Upon a dignified passing, the Veterinary Team will exit the room and allow the Family time to pay their respects.  Once finished, the Family will leave the building and our Veterinary Care Team will arrange for a dignified and humane care of remains processing to meet the Family’s need (i.e. a private vs a general cremation).

Please take a moment to review your inventory of food, medications, nutraceuticals, and treats. We will help you shop for these by
filling your requests from our stock or arranging Home Delivery from our online pharmacy. You may also click our “Store” tab at
and set up convenient home delivery (note: you may experience increased delivery times).


Upon arrival, please continue to call 913-268-0900 from your car so that a team member can check you in. Once checked in, when the exam room is available, a team member will greet you at our entrance door and escort you to your exam room.

In the exam room, a team member will review the appointment and collect any pertinent history regarding your pet’s health status. All treatments, procedures, vaccinations, tests, etc. will be carried out in Mill Creek’s treatment room, and we will strive to have no more than one team member in a room with a client at a time. At the end of the examination, the Doctor will review all facts of the exam, treatment recommendations, and answer any questions (as per usual).

At the completion of the appointment, check-out will occur in the exam room. Once check-out is accomplished, our pet owners and their pets will exit the nearest door to their exam room.


We are using our resources, from human to pet, to maximize the delivery of veterinary medicine to sick and emergent cases, while also recognizing that the health of our new puppies, kittens, and senior pets are also important.

  • Sick and emergent health issues will be prioritized in our daily schedule.
  • Puppy & Kitten visits, chronic medical conditions, Annual Exams including rabies, distemper and bordatella vaccinations will also be prioritized.
  • We will ask that Annual Exams and less emergent surgeries be forward booked 1 – 2 weeks, case dependent. Our Care Team will speak to you about any forward booking before changing or making any appointments.

We have adopted the best practices from the CDC for cleaning & disinfecting our work environment.

  • Personal protective equipment (masks and gloves) have been provided for all our care providers. We reuse masks and store them daily according to CDC recommendations.
  • A hospital-grade disinfectant is used to clean all internal surfaces on a daily schedule.
  • Body temperatures for all team members are taken at the beginning of the day. Hands must be washed upon entry to the hospital and frequently during the day.
  • The hospital is cleaned at the end of each day using a hospital-grade disinfectant.

We’re using technology to help address the needs of your pets during this time with COVID-19.

  • Appointments can be made through our website, and confirmed the following business day
  • Home Delivery of food and medications can be arranged through our Online Pharmacy.
  • As this Pandemic and best standards recommendations continue to unfold in real-time, Mill Creek will utilize our FaceBook and Instagram pages to provide constant updates.